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Why Should You Own a Yard?

Why Should You Own a Yard?

New paving materials, the latest trend in xeriscaped rock, snazzy new low-maintenance landscaping gimmicks all may come and go, but none of these are as timeless as a patch of green, freshly mowed turf.

  • You can’t teach your kid how to do somersaults on pavers or rocks.
  • Nothing feels as good as grass on your bare feet.
  • No other surface is as soft, forgiving and quick to recover.
  • No other landscaping scheme satisfies the farmer instinct we all have and provides the same level of rewarding pride that comes from growing and maintaining a healthy lawn.

Owning a yard does take effort, but it’s surprisingly simple when you stop to think about it. Grass needs cut every now and then, but modern lawn mowers are pretty easy to operate. Not only that, but lawns look incredible after a fresh mowing. You can’t have the same impact on the appearance of your deck or patio with the same effort.  Grass needs food and water just like we do, the trick is figuring out what type of food and how often. If you’re reading this then you’re pretty close to cracking that nut open. 

A little food, water, mowing and effort is all it takes to not just have a yard, but to own your yard. Nothing beats the benefits of a healthy patch of grass to call your own.

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xeriscape vs grass lawn

Somersaults on this surface have been known to increase demand for band-aids and antiseptic cream.

healthy green grass

This looks like a better spot for backyard gymnastics and relaxation. Plus yards have a cooling effect that helps keep your home more comfortable in the summer.

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