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How to Calculate Your Yard Size

How to calculate the area of your lawn


You'll need to calculate the size of your lawn to know how much fertilizer you need and choose your swardYARD™ program. Here's a couple of easy ways to get a good estimate on the size of your yard.

Google Earth

  • The quickest and easiest way to calculate your approximate lawn size in a couple of minutes. Click on the search icon, enter your address, then

use the ruler tool to calculate the area of your yard. You'll want to switch to '2D' mode in the lower right hand corner near the globe.

Calculate With Google Earth

Walk This Way

For an old fashioned approach to approximating your yard size, walk the area of your lawn and calculate width x length. The average footstep is ~3 feet so every 10 steps you take covers about 30 feet. Not every yard is a convenient square or rectangle so use the image at the top of this page as a reference for calculating irregularly shaped lawns. As a reference, a typical tennis court is 120 ft. x 60 ft. for an area of 7,200 sq. ft. A football field is 160 ft. x 300 (goal line to goal line) for a total area of 48,000 sq. ft. or 1.3 acres. The tennis court is a lot closer to the size of an average yard.

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Handy dandy quick reference for your remedial 8th grade geometry to help you calculate the area of your yard.

Circle Area = π × Radius, where π is a constant and equal to 3.14 and Radius is equal to ½ the diameter of the circle
Irregular Shapes 1: Measure the longest axis of the area (length line)
2: At every 10 feet along the line, measure the width at right angles to the
length line
3: Total all widths and multiply by 10 (10 feet intervals)
Square & Rectangle Area = Length x Width
Triangle Area = 1/2 x Base x Height
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